Deposits at Legal Sportsbooks

Funding your account is the most important part of wagering because, if you have no bankroll, you can’t place a bet and that means you can't win any money. While depositing into an online sportsbook might seem as simple as using your plastic to put a little bit of money on a game, in most cases it is, Americans have been known to experience issues that force them to turn to other sports betting deposit methods which are just as effective, but do have a bit of a learning curve and require some setup time.

Straightening the curve is what we're here for, as this page will show readers everything they might need to know to get started. With the aid of this article, we expect visitors to walk into the world of online sports betting with supreme confidence that they can back up their sports predictions. Along the way, the BettingIsLegal staff will cover the legality of depositing into an online sportsbook, and even take a look at the security protocols that makes legal sportsbook deposits possible. Everything from common deposit methods, to deposit fees and limits can be found here, so keep reading to see the whole picture.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act - Law That Affects Sportsbook Deposits

The other law that directly effects funding methods is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA. The UIGEA really doesn’t affect deposits as much as it does payouts. The law restricts sites from sending or receiving funds from credit/debit cards used to wager. The fact that these sites all accepts credit/debit deposits seems to contradict this law, but this is not the case. When you make a deposit, you are not using the money to gamble. Instead, you are buying “chips”, just like in a real casino. What you do with those chips is up to you, and there are no laws against using them to bet. To learn much more about the laws visit our state and federal law pages.

US Sports Betting Laws | US States With Sports Betting

Sports Betting Deposit Methods For USA Players

There are many useful deposit methods on these sites with varying speeds, limits, fees, et cetera… We will cover all of this in the next number of sections. Credit/debit cards are the most popular and efficient methods on these sites, but the alternatives are just as safe. The alternatives are there because credit/debit cards sometimes get declined because the card companies put restrictions on overseas transactions. There is not harm in trying multiple cards until one works, or simply using one of the other excellent options.

Debit & Credit Card Sportsbook Deposits

The most common method for adding funds to your account is by way of a credit/debit card. This works much the same as purchasing something at an online retailer. You will head to the online cashier of the U.S. online sportsbook that you have chosen, and enter your card information along with the amount you would like to deposit. The site will then credit your account in minutes. If your card is declined it is fine to try another one, or just choose one of the other deposit methods.

Cash Wire Sportsbook Deposits

Cash wire transfers such as Western Union and MoneyGram are popular funding methods that almost every USA sports betting site offers. These take a little longer than credit cards, but never fail to go through. Many sites now allow you to complete a cash wire deposit completely online. Alternatively, you can go to your local retailer that offers cash wire options and send one off to the site along with the amount you would like to deposit.

Money Order Sportsbook Deposits

If you don’t mind waiting a little while for your funds to arrive you can always use a trusty money order to make a deposit. This works just as it sounds; you go to your local retailer that offers money orders, fill one out, and send it to the site. They will credit your account as soon as the money order arrives, which usually takes a week or two. This is a sure shot method for adding to your bankroll, and we highly recommend it as a great alternative to credit/debit cards.

Bank Wire Sportsbook Deposits

A bank wire transfer is another viable deposit option that is quick, and excellent for large deposits. This is because there minimum and maximums are quite high. Minimums for bank wires usually hover around $1,000, while maximums can be anywhere from $25,000 to unlimited. Many high rollers like to use bank wire transfers to send money directly from their checking or savings accounts.

Prepaid Gift Card Sportsbook Deposits

Many sports betting sites that take Americans will allow you to use My Cash Cards or gift cards for places such as Walmart and Amazon. These are excellent options because there are no fees, and they are as fast as credit/debit cards. The one drawback with cash/gift cards is that they either come with set amounts, or set incremental amounts. This means that you may only be able to deposit $500, no more or no less. Alternatively, you might be able to deposit different amounts as long as it is in increments of $50 or $100.

Bitcoin Sportsbook Deposits

Bitcoin users can rejoice in the fact that most sites now offer this as a deposit and payout option. You can send money straight from your Bitcoin account to your sportsbook account, and vice versa. This method rarely has fees, and takes only minutes. There are exchange rates since Bitcoin is its own currency, but this is rarely very substantial. Bitcoin is an excellent method of funding your account if you choose to use it.

Payouts at US Sportsbooks | US Sportsbook Promotions | Mobile Sportsbooks Apps

Sports Betting Sites With Easy Deposits has scoured the web and wagered at all of the leading US online sportsbooks in order to relay our opinions of the best ones. The sites that we review use most, if not all, of the deposit methods listed above. We suggest exploring a few sites to see which one works for you. Whichever site you land on, we are sure that you will have an amazing sports betting experience.

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SportsBetting SportsbookSportsBetting is a site that many sports fans are familiar with. The site has been operating for almost two decades out of the Republic of Panama, and anyone who has searched for online sports betting sites that accept US players has probably seen the name. You will find more deposit methods with faster processing times than almost any site functioning right now. From credit/debit cards, cash wire transfers and money orders, to Bitcoin and other e-payment methods; you will always have a viable option. This site is designed to deliver top-class sports betting action with ease-of-use, and they do it blindingly well.

SportsBetting doesn’t skimp in the rewards department either. You will find a profitable welcome bonus, as well as lifetime reload bonuses that will reward you every time you make a qualifying deposit. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are also MLB dime lines, reduced juice for NHL, and mobile/live betting free plays. SportsBetting knows how to treat their members, and there has never been a better time to sign up.

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FAQs - Making Deposits Into An Online Sportsbook
Are There Any Fees For Depositing Money Into Sportsbook Accounts?

A sad fact about conducting overseas transactions is that they are very expensive. Because of this, most sportsbooks must charge minimal fees for many of the deposit methods. Every site we review does their best to keep these fees as low as possible. Many credit/debit card deposits come with fees as low as 2% of the deposit, and rarely go over 4.6%. Cash wires can hold fees of $25-$60, but many sites will waive the fee if you deposit over around $300. MyCash and certain other gift cards do not come with fees, and Bitcoin usually doesn’t either. Bank wires come with pretty hefty fees ranging from $25 to $60, making them best for large deposits.

Will My Financial Information Be Secure?

The sites that we review offer the safest funding methods in the business. They use the latest security software and ingenious encryption techniques to battle cyber-criminals and other nasty elements. In fact, there has never been a cancellation of an account due to a safety breach or a loss of funds at any of the sites we promote. While we do not know the exact methods these sites use to secure transactions, we do know that they are as safe to use as the most popular internet retailers on the web.

How Long Will It Take My Deposit To Credit?

Each deposit method takes time to process into your account. Some take mere seconds, while others can take weeks. Credit/debit, gift cards, and Bitcoin are the fastest methods available at most sites, with cash wires, bank wires, and money orders taking longer. You can check out the online cashier to see the times for each method.

Which USA Sportsbook Deposit Method Is Fastest?

While cash/gift cards and Bitcoin deposits are equally speedy, we recommend using credit/debit card for the fastest, most efficient deposit method. This is the “industry standard” method of adding funds to an online sportsbook that accepts U.S. players. Most of the other options are there in case a credit card doesn’t go through, or a player wants to deposit an amount beyond the maximum.

Is There A Limit For Sportsbook Deposits?

Each method will have a minimum and a limit to how much you can deposit at one time. These limits vary greatly depending on the site. Credit card minimums can be anywhere from $50 to $3,500 depending on the sportsbook. Credit/debit maximums usually range from $250 to $5,000. Bank wire transfers are generally regarded as the best methods for large deposits because maximums tend to be very high, and sometimes unlimited. All of the other methods will vary as well, so check out the cashier section of the sportsbook that you are checking out to read about limits.