5Dimes Sportsbook: Open To All 50 U.S. States

5Dimes SportsbookWelcome folks, to the information page of one of our (and America’s) favorite sports betting sites that accepts U.S. players. 5Dimes has been the forerunner of online wagering for over a decade, and the site just keeps getting better every year. Whatever you are into, whether it be football, basketball, even snooker or cricket, this site will have odds for it.

In this review, we will cover the legal aspects of 5Dimes, and show you exactly how the site can serve US players safely, and legitimately. You will learn who can join, how old you must be, and how to sign up. After that, we will cover the numerous features which make 5Dimes stand above the competition.

Is 5Dimes Sportsbook Legal?

The simple answer to this question is yes, 5Dimes functions 100% legally. That being the case, we feel that you should learn a little background on how U.S. sports betting sites function. There are some laws that regulate sports wagering, and they all are on the federal level. That’s right, individual states do not have laws regarding online sports betting. This is why 5Dimes accepts players from all 50 states.

The first federal law that involves itself with online sports wagering in the USA is the Wire Act. This is a very old law that was brought about in 1961 to attempt to alleviate the organized crime nuisance that was infecting the betting world. Now, the law is almost a shadow of its former self, and only affects online sports betting in the states. If a web-based sportsbook exists in a state of our nation, it cannot transmit wagering information across state lines. This means that, if you were using a (fictitious, because there aren’t any) site in Texas, you would have to BE in Texas in order to use it. The great thing about 5Dimes and sites like it is that they function overseas, where the Wire Act has no jurisdiction. This means that anyone from any state can sign up and bet real money on all their favorite games and contests.

The other law that affects online sports betting is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA. This law sounds harsh, but it only affects funding methods. According to the UIGEA, sites such as 5Dimes cannot send money to a members credit/debit card directly. This is a simple fix, as 5Dimes offers over 10 fast and safe payout methods. We will cover payout methods later, and if you want to learn more about the laws check out our sportsbook laws pages.

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How To Sign Up With 5Dimes

5Dimes SportsbookSigning up at 5Dimes is simple. Just click on the “register here” button at the top of the page and a form will pop up. Fill in some simple contact information, create a password, and supply a valid email address. The site will send you a confirmation code, and once you click on that you will be all set. You can now sign in to the site with your email and password.

Who Is Allowed To Join?

5Dimes accepts players from all of the fifty US states. This is excellent for folks that are not in the few states that have land-based sportsbooks. In fact, only Nevada and to a lesser extent Delaware have any kind of land-based sports wagering. Therefore, 5Dimes and sites like it are godsends to most American sports fans.

Legal Betting Age At 5Dimes

Almost every state has a legal betting age. These usually vary between 18 and 21, although some states do not have a legal age in their statutes. 5Dimes requires players to be at least 18 to join. This is where a point of contention comes in. Should you follow the site or the state law? What we suggest is to always go with the higher number. If your state asks that you be 21, you should wait until you are that age to join.

Features That Make 5Dimes A Top U.S. Sports Betting Site

5Dimes SportsbookNow it is time to explore the many innovative features and bonuses that separate 5Dimes from the pack. Each sportsbook you find will have different rewards, funding methods, and other features to make it unique. We choose 5Dimes as one of our favorites because we think they do it better than most. Check out why below.

Deposit Methods: Fast, Convenient & Reliable

The first step to betting on a game is putting money in to your account. 5Dimes makes this process simple, and there are many ways to do it. The most common deposit method is by a credit/debit card. This works in much the same way as buying something from an online retailer. You will head over to the online cashier at 5Dimes, enter your card number and the amount you would like to deposit, and they will credit your account within seconds. Occasionally cards will not go through because the credit card companies restrict overseas transactions. If this is the case, there are plenty of alternative methods including cash wire transfers, money orders, cash/gift cards, and bitcoin. Check out the funding methods at 5Dimes or take a look at our sportsbook deposits for US residents page to learn more.

Withdrawal Methods: Low Fees, Fast Processing & Quick Delivery

After placing a few bets and winning some cash, you will eventually want to see some of that money in your hands. 5Dimes offers a slew of fast and safe payout methods including cash wires, checks, bank wires, cash/gift cards, and Bitcoin. Each method comes with varying fees, speeds, and minimums/maximums. You may wonder why the site can’t send money directly to your credit card account. This is because of the aforementioned UIGEA, which restricts payouts of this method. That is why 5Dimes has so many other options. Check out our US sportsbook payouts page to learn much more.

Player Security: Always Up To Date With Latest Protocol

5Dimes SportsbookIf 5Dimes did not put safety as a number one priority, they wouldn’t have millions of sports fans coming back every day. The site uses top-of-the-line safety software and advanced encryption techniques to keep your money and your personal information secure. 5Dimes has a valid gaming license from a top gaming association and regularly gets mentioned on leading US media outlets. Sites don’t receive these types of certifications and accolades without ensuring member safety. You can rest easy with the fact that doing business at 5Dimes is as safe as doing so at the leading online retailers.

Bonuses + Promos: For New & Existing Users

5Dimes loves new members, and you will love becoming one. They offer a very generous new player reward that will add up to $520 to your initial deposit. You can use this bonus money on the entire sportsbook, and the amount reflects how much you put in initially. Deposits from $100 to $400 will be rewarded with a 50% bonus. The bonus money will come to you in increments of 10% as you play.

5Dimes doesn’t stop rewarding you after you sign up, they keep on giving throughout your entire sports betting career. The sportsbook free-play rewards will add 20% on top of every qualifying deposit you make. This will really add up the more you play, and we have never seen a bonus this nice on any other site. You will also find reduced juice rewards at 5Dimes, in which the site shaves off a percentage f the usual vigorish (or vig) amount for every bet. This site really does save you a lot of money compared to most other sportsbooks. Check out our sportsbook bonuses for players in the USA page to learn more.

Mobile Interface: Works With Apple (iOS), Android, BlackBerry, Windows & More

Did you know that you can now take 5Dimes with you wherever you go? That’s right, there is now a mobile feature that lets you access the entire sportsbook with your fingertips. 5Dimes doesn’t discriminate against devices, just pull out your iPhone, Tablet, Android, or any other internet-connected device, and you can start wagering at one of the leading USA sports betting sites. Not only can you wager on your favorite teams, you can even manage your account and make deposits and withdrawals from your mobile device. Check out our mobile betting in the US page to learn much more about this amazing feature.

Real-Time Betting App: Wager On Games As They Happen

We are guessing that if you are reading this then you have probably wagered on sports before. If so, you have probably felt the pain of arriving late to bet on a game. In the past, this meant you were out of luck for that game, but the future is now my dear readers and 5Dimes is here to show you the way. With live/in-game betting, you can now jump in on a game at any time and start betting on the odds as they update in front of your eyes. This is by far the most exciting way to bet, as you can play the ever-shifting odds until the game is finished. We highly recommend checking 5Dimes live betting out today.

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5Dimes Sportsbook - What's The Verdict?

As you can probably tell, we have nothing but love for 5Dimes. There are plenty of legal online sportsbooks that accept U.S. players from all fifty states, but rarely do any of them reach the heights that 5Dimes does. Be sure to check out our other legal sports betting pages to learn more about every facet of this great American pastime, and visit 5Dimes to see the future of sports wagering today.