BetOnline Sportsbook: Open To Players In All 50 States

BetOnline SportsbookIf you are looking for an amazing online sportsbook that accepts U.S. players you can’t do better than BetOnline. They have been in business for over two decades and they are continuing to grow. They have members from all over the world and tens of thousands are from the good old USA. You can master this site in minutes even though it has more options than most other sportsbooks out there.

In this review we will show you some of the great things that make this site a perennial favorite. You will learn about some of the laws that affect online sportsbooks. We will discuss the safety of the site and discuss who can join. We will cover the minimum age requirements as well as how to get started. BetOnline also has some great features like mobile and live betting. They have some of the best payout and deposit methods available as well, all of which we will go over in further sections.

Is BetOnline Legal?

BetOnline is one of the many legal online sportsbooks serving U.S. players. Anyone living in the United States does not need to fear about using this sportsbook, as it follows all the Federal laws concerning web-based wagering sites. BettingIsLegal is now going to take a moment and touch on two of the laws that govern sports betting in the U.S., for both land-based and online wagering.

Wire Act – The Federal Wire Act of 1961 is a statute that was originally intended to help curb the influence of organized crime on the gambling industry. It effectively ended the ability for online sportsbooks to operate in the U.S. The Act requires these sites to be physically located outside of the country. BetOnline is located in the Republic of Panama where they are legal, and so anyone can use it.

UIGEA – The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 deals with limiting the funding methods for online sportsbooks. Because of this statute, the sites must not send a player’s winnings directly to their credit card. There is no need to worry about this rule since BetOnline has many alternate funding methods with which to pay its members.

Laws For Sports Betting in the USA | US States With Sports Betting

How To Sign Up With BetOnline

BetOnline SportsbookSigning up at BetOnline is fast and simple. When you get to the homepage just click on the red “click to join” button and it will take you to a page where you will enter your information. There are some basic questions like name and address. You will be asked to choose a security question and password. When you are finished, click on the big red box that says “click here to create account”. BetOnline will send you a confirmation email. By clicking on the link in the email, you are setup and ready to go.

Who Is Allowed To Join?

There are some sportsbooks that only allow players from certain states, but one of the great things about BetOnline is that they accept members from every state. There is no need to go to Nevada to get that ‘Vegas style experience. As long as you are of age, you are ready to go. It’s very easy to sign up and U.S. residents that are of-age will have no issues.

Legal Betting Age At BetOnline

Although the minimum age to bet on BetOnline is 18 years old, there are state laws that regulate minimum gambling ages. If you are in a state where the legal age is 21 then you will need to be 21. You can look up your particular state’s rules on this. Always go by the highest number. If your state doesn’t have an age limit or if the age limit is 18 then you are fine to join BetOnline.

Features That Make BetOnline A Top U.S. Sports Betting Site

BetOnline SportsbookWe love BetOnline for all of its features and we think you’ll see why it’s one of the best legal USA sports betting sites. There are no other sites that offer more deposit and payout options, and none are faster at paying out your winnings. They are constantly rewarding their members with free plays and bonuses, which we will go over in a moment. This site has a fantastic mobile page where you can access everything in the sportsbook. Live betting is a great way to add that extra something to your wagering portfolio and with BetOnline you can bet on any number of live events.

Deposit Methods: Fast, Convenient & Reliable

Once you are signed up you will want to get your account funded as soon as possible so that you can get started wagering. You can check out other online sites and you will not find a better list of US sportsbook deposit options available to you. Credit and debit cards are the fastest and easiest methods available to you. You can also deposit your money through Western Union or MoneyGram. You can even send in a money order or use bitcoin. There are different minimums and maximums for each method so you’ll want to check out the cashier for all of your options. For instance, the minimum for Visa is $50 and the maximum $3,500 while the minimum for a money order is $300 and the maximum is $9,000.

Withdrawal Methods: Low Fees, Fast Processing & Quick Delivery

As we talked about earlier, online sportsbooks that serve U.S. players cannot pay your winnings directly to a credit card, but there are many other options available to receive your winnings. The main way that BetOnline pays out to you is the time tested check. That’s right; they will cut you a check that you deposit into your bank account. You can also use Western Union or MoneyGram. For hefty withdrawals, you may want to try a bank wire transfer. You can withdraw $500 to $24,900 and it goes directly into your bank account. Checkout our US sportsbook payouts page for more information.

Player Security: Always Up To Date With Latest Protocol

BetOnline SportsbookBetOnline is completely safe to use. After all of the years of reviewing them we have not heard of any breaches in their security. They use all of the top security protocols including SSL layering. BetOnline is fully licensed and regulated and they are very concerned about their player’s safety. None of these online sportsbooks serving U.S. players can afford to lose members, and that would be the case if they happened to be careless with their member’s information.

Bonuses + Promos: Generous, Reasonable Terms, For New & Existing Users

Would you like to place a bet using someone else’s money? Impossible you say. Not true with BetOnline because you can get a welcome bonus of 25% of your initial deposit up to $1,000. That is $1,000 in free money to spend any way you like on the sportsbook. How great would it be to hit a big payout using the site’s money? You can find out at BetOnline. To take advantage of this you’ll just need to enter the promo code “FIRST” with your initial deposit.

It doesn’t stop there as BetOnline continues to reward their members. They understand that it’s easier to keep an existing customer than find a new one. When you are ready to reload your account, you can enter the code “LIFEBONUS” and you can receive a 25% bonus up to $1,000. Therefore, if you deposit $1,000 you will get $250 in free plays. If you deposit $5,000, you get $1,000 in free plays. You can visit our sports betting bonuses page to find out more.

Mobile Interface: Works With Apple (iOS), Android, BlackBerry, Windows & More

Imagine you are sitting at a friend’s house and the big game is on. You decide you want to place bet but don’t want to run home to get on the computer. You don’t have to worry about that with BetOnline. They have the best mobile site available for online sportsbooks serving U.S. players. You can access a full sportsbook mobile app from your fingertips. Just use any internet-connected device such as a tablet, iPhone or Android. No more having to take a trip to Las Vegas for a betting experience. BetOnline will also give you a bonus the first time you bet using your phone. If you place your first wager and win then you are already feeling the excitement of playing on the site. If you lose on your first mobile bet, they will give you up to $50 in free plays to compensate you. It’s a great deal.

Real-Time Betting App: Wager On Games As They Happen

Do you want to add more variety to your wagering? Then you’ll definitely want to try BetOnline’s live/in game wagering. With this amazing option there is no more waiting until the end of the game to see if you won. You can actually place a wager while the game is live. Many people don’t even realize this is possible. It is with BetOnline. Did Manning just throw for his third touchdown? The odds will change based on what’s happening on the field. You can place a bet based on the new information. There is no limit to how many opportunities you can have. With BetOnline you will even get to try your first live bet risk free. If your first bet loses, they will give you $25 in free plays to help compensate you. Go to the site for details.

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BetOnline Sportsbook - What's The Verdict?

We hope that by now you can see why we think BetOnline is such a great legal online sportsbook for players from the USA. It is legal to join from all 50 states and uses all of the latest security software to keep your information safe. Signing up is easy and you can be placing bets within just a few minutes. They have the most deposit and payout methods of any site and their bonuses are the best. You can wager from your smartphone anywhere you have an internet connection and even bet on the game as it is happening. Try out BetOnline today and we are sure you will be happy with your decision.